Indianapolis Birthdays

Planning a birthday party? Indianapolis Limo Bus is the perfect choice for birthday transportation for all ages!

If you're planning a kids' party, you can't go wrong with a fun party bus from us! Our buses have coolers and flat screen TVs with DVD players, which are the features most commonly helpful to kids' parties! Throw some juice boxes in the cooler, pop in a DVD, and set out on your trip to a family dinner, amusement park, or whatever you have planned! Our transportation is safe and reliable so you don't have to worry. Planning a party for your teen? Sending them off for the day with friends? Don't worry, we only accept itinerary from the contract holders (who would be you, the parent) so if you only want them to go the movies and out to dinner or shopping, then that's the only place we'll go! You'll know right where they are and if you want to call in and check up on how it's going then simply contact the driver!

Ready to celebrate 21 or any birthday thereafter? Indianapolis Limo Bus the best choice! You and all your friends can travel together safely! We know that you'll all want to enjoy a few drinks for the big two-one, and it's important that you have a safe way to travel, and that's what you'll get with us. We'll make sure you arrive safe and sound to and from each destination! You can even continue the celebration as you travel! That's right, you can drink right on the buses! Enjoy a movie while you ride or take advantage of the hardwood floors and sound system to blast your favorite music and dance! Our buses are like private VIP clubs on wheels! Perfect for birthdays!

When you're ready, give us a call and we'll take you through the booking process so you can start planning a birthday celebration you'll remember for years to come!

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